Sequel Ventures

Our Role Investor

24 Patents Between founders and developers

240+ Combined Years Computer design experience

Product Offerings  xRA™ for large-scale application, embedded system and Internet of things systems developers

VS2’s mission is to ensure reliable and secure applications and data, regardless of platform. Their patent-pending, software-based solution, xRA™, ensures that an application only does what it is supposed to do – no more, no less – and in the process, prevents all forms of data theft or corruption.

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“The Virtual Software Systems team considers Sequel to be an essential part of our continuing success. Their early investment in our firm coupled with the on-going invaluable advice, provided by Bill Mitchell, injected a level of credibility into our venture that was essential in attracting both new investors and critical clients. He’s a remarkable and astute business leader and his significant experience continues to be a huge adjunct to us.”