Sequel Ventures

Our Role Investor, Advisor

Sold In Mainland U.S., Hawaii, Australia, Japan and France

Customers Include Surf Prescriptions, Lost, Channel Islands, SUPER

Pro Riders Mason Ho, Shane Dorian, Josh Kerr, Matt Meola

Varial is revolutionizing surfing with Varial Foam, the world’s first high-performance surfboard material – adapted from an advanced aerospace formula – to make boards faster, lighter, and stronger enabling surfboard shapers to make the world’s best surfboard for professional and amateur surfers.

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“We’re a technology-driven surf company so we definitely connected on that level. He’s an engineer and has a lot of outside knowledge about IT, biotech, and technology ventures. But Bill also knows all the ins and outs of running a business – why companies behave the way they do, market forces and best practices – so he lends a huge amount of insight based on his experience. When we’re fundraising we’ll sit down and go over the different scenarios for growth and risk and he’s a great moral support during that process.”

Edison Conner, CEO
Varial Surfboards