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Varial Surfboards

Varial is revolutionizing surfing with Varial Foam, the world’s first high-performance surfboard material – adapted from an advanced aerospace formula – to make boards faster, lighter, and stronger enabling surfboard shapers to make the world’s best surfboard for professional and amateur surfers.

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OUR ROLE / Investor

SOLD IN / Mainland U.S., Hawaii, Australia, Japan and France

CUSTOMERS / Include Surf Prescriptions, Lost, Channel Islands, SUPER

PRO RIDERS / Mason Ho, Shane Dorian, Josh Kerr, Matt Meola

“We’re a technology-driven surf company so we definitely connected on that level. He’s an engineer and has a lot of outside knowledge about IT, biotech, and technology ventures. But Bill also knows all the ins and outs of running a business – why companies behave the way they do, market forces and best practices – so he lends a huge amount of insight based on his experience. When we’re fundraising we’ll sit down and go over the different scenarios for growth and risk and he’s a great moral support during that process.”

Edison Conner, CEO
Varial Surfboards