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ProsperWorks is customer relationship manager (CRM) software, built specifically for Google Apps, that helps companies organize and track sales opportunities and customer relationships right inside of Gmail, following the same practices as the fastest growing companies in the world to close more deals in less time.

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OUR ROLE / Investor, Advisor

FOUNDED / 2011


CUSTOMERS / Over 25,000

“Bill has been an invaluable investor at every critical stage here at ProsperWorks but what makes Bill unique is that he will not only help you build a better company, he will lead you in becoming a great leader. He facilitates management meetings that inspire us to think bigger and better while clarifying what will make our plans a reality, Bill’s been there – he’s run the billion dollar businesses – so is advice is always on point and rooted in actual experience.”

JON LEE / CEO, ProsperWorks